What Will I Learn?

In the first Mixed & Batched video series, you’ll learn all about whisk(e)y. This nine video course cov­ers every­thing from bour­bon to Scotch and so much more. You’ll learn:

How to Buy Whiskey

The more you pay for whiskey, the bet­ter it is, right? Wrong. I’ll teach you how to choose whiskey, read labels, and the dif­fer­ences between types of whiskeys. You’ll be able to choose intel­li­gent­ly, sav­ing mon­ey on the whiskey you buy. By know­ing how to talk about whiskeys, you’ll nev­er be afraid of look­ing inex­pe­ri­enced in front of bar­tenders or friends.

How to Taste Whiskey

Some say whiskey is an acquired taste, but the fla­vor of whiskeys vary wide­ly. Learn­ing what you like, how to describe what you taste, how to think about those fla­vors, and how to talk about it will not only help you enjoy it more, but will also help you describe it to oth­ers.

How to Stock Your Bar

Get­ting the nec­es­sary tools can be expen­sive. But if you know what’s avail­able and what you real­ly need, you’ll save mon­ey while look­ing slick mak­ing cock­tails any­where.

How to Talk About Whiskey

Are you intim­i­dat­ed by friends who talk about spir­its as if they’ve been drink­ing since grade school? Con­quer that social anx­i­ety by learn­ing about the his­to­ry of whiskey, its ori­gins, and how to talk about it.

How to Mix Drinks They’ll Expect, and a Few They Won’t

Learn clas­sic whiskey cock­tails, and how to fix drinks when they go awry. By learn­ing how to improve your drinks, you’ll also learn how to start exper­i­ment­ing on your own.