About Mixed & Batched

Mixed & Batched cours­es are writ­ten by Clair McLaf­fer­ty, author of The Clas­sic & Craft Cock­tail Recipe Book, cock­tail colum­nist for The Bit­ter South­ern­er, and con­trib­u­tor to  local and nation­al out­lets such as mental_floss and The Wash­ing­ton Post on the top­ic of bar­tend­ing and craft cock­tails.

When not writ­ing, Clair can usu­al­ly be found bar­tend­ing, research­ing drink­ing his­to­ry, or cre­at­ing cock­tails. She’d love noth­ing more than to teach you how to do the same. Ready to give it a whirl?